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As a Real Estate Broker & Property Manager, I quickly realized that real estate is a local business.

Whether you currently own or are looking to buy a single family home(s), duplex, triplex, quad or you prefer to invest in multi-family residential, mobile home parks, small office or retail properties; real estate investments & property management is a very localized business, influenced by local economics & market place. 

That is why, I established eRealtyAdvantage, Inc., as a boutique Real Estate Brokerage & Property Management Company servicing New Port Richey, Trinity, Port Richey, Holiday, Odessa & Hudson, Florida.

By servicing a small geographical area, we provide our buyers, sellers and investors with knowledgeable, targeted real estate investment and property management services. 


We typically work with...

✓ PROPERTY OWNERS that need to SELL/RENT quickly & for the highest price possible!

✓ DISTRESSED property owners that need to SELL FAST (Short Sale, Pre-foreclosures)

✓ REAL ESTATE INVESTORS that want to increase cash flow & preserve value!

✓ COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES like single family homes, small professional 
office buildings, small shopping centers, mobile home parks & multi-family residential properties

✓ ENTREPRENEURS ready to diversify into real estate investments with a 9% or higher ROI. 

✓ OUT OF STATE PROPERTY OWNERS that would like to create positive cash flow & increase their ROI. 

✓ EVENT PLANNERS & ASSOCIATIONS looking for a Keynote Speaker for your next conference

Bilingual; English & Spanish!

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